"Live with Squacky"

Live with Squacky - Season 3 - Episode 6 - MAVO2022 - The Scoop!

May 03, 2022 Val Kelly Season 3 Episode 6
"Live with Squacky"
Live with Squacky - Season 3 - Episode 6 - MAVO2022 - The Scoop!
"Live with Squacky"
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Show Notes

In this fun, short episode of "Live with Squacky" - I chat about our upcoming MAVO2022 Conference! I highlight our Sponsors: Platinum - bodalgo, Silver: WoVO and Belair Creative, Bronze: Everett Oliver. Our in-kind Sponsors include Hindenburg, Voiceover Xtra, The Voiceover Collective, JMC Demos. Sennheiser and Neumann are our Technology sponsors!!! The Voice Acting Institute is also a supporting sponsor this year!
Our Keynote Speaker this year is Marc Graue, and our guest speakers include, Elley Ray, Everett Oliver, Scott Parkin, Jason Linere White, Roy Yokelson, Laura Schreiber, Kim Hurdon, Yolanda Spearman, Johnny Heller, Tom Dheere, Jimmy Doom, Cliff Zellman. We will have a few more to announce soon too!
Anyway, give a listen! There are lots of fun event details in this episode! More news coming soon!
In the meantime, head to www.midatlanticvo.com for more details and head to MAVO2022 "Get Inspired" Voiceover Conference Tickets, Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 8:00 AM | Eventbrite to register today! You can still purchase a general admission ticket on a payment plan until the end of May - so don't delay - register today! This event is going to be epic!!

Don't forget to purchase your official MAVO2022 merch HERE!!

"Live with Squacky" is mixed and mastered by everybody's favorite VO Tech, "Uncle" Roy Yokelson of Antland Productions.

"Live with Squacky" is sponsored in part by Mid-Atlantic Voiceover, LLC and Antland Productions. 

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